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Most of the Etalon Amplifiers are based on a truly Balanced Design. The combination of this Balanced Design with an extremely narrow Component Selection gives rise to an unheard Quality of Sound and Fidelity, revealing total Musicality and Timbre under all possible circumstances.

The integrated amplifiers are all developed with a passive pre-amp section  to minimise the amount of necessary electronics thereby approximating the "Perfect Wire" situation.
To be able to accomplish a passive input, only the best components together with extremely narrow tolerances are to be used.

Depending on your situation you can choose for Integrated Designs (if the speaker location is near to the Amplifier) or seperate designs if this is not the case.
In the latter situation, one should minimize the distance between source and pre-amplifier and poweramplifier towards speakers as much as possible, to reach optimum results.
Etalon Amplifiers can be made with a selection of the finest quality of solid natural Wooden or Aluminium Front Plates. Etalon finds it extremely important that their designs will harmonize also with your listening environment so there will be no distraction from your Musical Experience when listening to your favourite music.

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